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Labeda G80 Limited Edition (L-640S)

Another take on the G80. This silver-colored skate is available for a limited time.
149,00 ₽
106,97 ₽

Looking chromed out is what this roller skate is all about. Consider the leather boot with Soft Sham form fit lining and lace cover. Comes in a rich "metal-like" finish. It's fan jet wheels are brilliantly paired with ABEC-9 bearing making this roller skate a real competitor's choice. Nothing but smooth rides on the Resistor Composite-Tech plate.

  • Boots: Labeda boot with custom lace cover, comfort padding, and Soft Sham form-fitting lining
  • Chassis: Resistor Composite-Tech plate with ProLift cushions
  • Wheels: Labeda 62mm x 40mm Fan Jet wheels with chrome-coated core
  • Bearings: Chrome ABEC-09
  • Trucks: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable

Fits Sizes: Men's Silver 4-13
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