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Jam / Speed Skates

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Sure- Grip The Page

This skate is sweet to look at, but it's got a hint of danger. A nice mix of naughty, but nice.
ˆ542.00 ˆ495.97

Sure-Grip Boxer

Sure-Grip's Boxer will have you floatin' like a butterfly.
ˆ131.00 ˆ112.89

Sure-Grip Boxer Hit Man

Add some bling to the Boxer by adding some Clawz wheels.
ˆ168.00 ˆ125.89

Sure-Grip Challenger

Offers the components of a much more expensive skate, without breaking the bank.
ˆ334.00 ˆ245.97

Sure-Grip Challenger 2

This skate gives you a leather boot with a plate that provides a firm foundation.
ˆ394.00 ˆ310.97

Sure-Grip Champion ADV Roller Skate

Top-Of-The-Line Speed/Jam skate from Sure-Grip.
ˆ799.00 ˆ670.97

Sure-Grip Champion LAX Roller Skate

The Champion LAX features a great old-school look.
ˆ689.00 ˆ559.97

Sure-Grip Champion XK Roller Skate

Great all-around skate featuring the durable XK4 plate.
ˆ549.00 ˆ448.97

Sure-Grip Contender

Rise to the top of the ranks with the Contender.
ˆ239.00 ˆ185.97

Sure-Grip D&D Roller Skate

All-New Skate from Sure-Grip.
ˆ339.00 ˆ295.97

Sure-Grip Mentor

To be a mentor to others, you must have the respect of others. One look at these skates and others will know you're to be respected.
ˆ763.00 ˆ625.97

Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive

The Fugitive wheel makes this a true Derby skate.
ˆ170.00 ˆ167.89

Sure-Grip Rebel Rebel

The all-leather Rebel is for the serious rink rat. It is also a great first skate for Derby.
ˆ149.00 ˆ142.97

Sure-Grip Rebel Twister

Add a little twist to the Rebel.
ˆ161.00 ˆ156.89

Sure-Grip Thump Roller Skate

Sometimes you have to give a little thump to let people know you're there on the track.
ˆ479.00 ˆ355.97

Sure-Grip Twisted Boxer

Get twisted with this version of the Boxer.
ˆ187.00 ˆ160.89

Vanilla Brass Knuckle Sunlite Fugitive

25% off this weekend ONLY! July 14-15, 2012

Vanilla Curve 2.0 PowerTrac Revenge

Hot New Price!
ˆ679.00 ˆ611.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Popular Vanilla Curve!
ˆ399.00 ˆ359.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Vanilla Curve Boot with RC Sunlite Plate, Backspin Remix Lite Wheels, QUBE 8-Ball Bearings, and ROCK Jam Plugs.
ˆ389.00 ˆ349.00

Vanilla Curve 2.0 XK4 D-Rod

Vanilla Curve Boot with XK-4 Plate, D-Rod Wheels, and China Bones Bearings.
ˆ469.00 ˆ422.00