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Chicago 1900/1905

This child's skate is for those who want a more traditional look.
Manufacturer: Chicago Skates

Chicago built a classic style boot with the white model 1900 and the black 1905 high top boot. This kids roller skate features semiprecision swift bearings in 52 mm urethane wheels for skating inside and outside of the rink. The Chicago fiberglass-reinforced plates ensure a light and manageable skate.

  • Boots: Chicago Tigerlon boots
  • Chassis: Chicago Fiberglass- reinforced plates
  • Wheels: Chicago 52mm urethane wheels
  • Bearings: Semi-precision
  • Trucks: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Fixed
Fits Sizes: Boy's Black (1905) 10J(Junior)-4; Girl's White (1900) 10J(Junior)-4
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