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BSB Speed Wash Unit for Bearings

Bearing Cleaning Unit.
12,00 ₽
10,97 ₽

Your very own Bearing cleaner system. In less than 5 minutes you can clean your bearings in this self-contained washer filled with Citrus Cleaner. Unit separates bearings for a thorough cleaning.
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China Bones - REDS™

China Bones Reds are considered by many skaters to be the best bearings for the money. It is certain that Bones Reds are extremely popular and deliver great performance for minimal cost. With China Bones you can expect years of use with an exceptional roll.
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BSB Hi-Speed Lube Bearing Oil

BSB Hi-Speed Lube Bearing oil.
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Sure Grip RX Toe Stops

Rx toe stops To enhance your performance needs. Utilizing a state of the art rubber formula the “Rx” toe stop offers more grip than any other toe stop on the market. Built to last this resilient toe stop is loaded with rebound and features a light weight hollow stem design, you can feel the weight difference, the grip, and the rebound every time you skate. More abrasion resistant than any toe stop on the market. Lighter than any toe stop on the market. More rebound that any toe stop on market. Made in the USA. Colors: Purple, red, blue, green, black, natural
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Labeda ProLine Cushions - Upper & Lower

These cushions from Labeda come in 3 colors of your choice!
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Bones Speed Cream for Bearings

Bearing Cream by Bones.
6,00 ₽

Lynx Swift Lube for Bearings

New race lube from Lynx Skate Products.
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Chicago 800/805 Roller Skates

Chicago's top of the line skate!
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Entire Jamskating DVD Series

Save up to $25.00 when you purchase the entire Learn to Jam Skate set! Ships FREE!
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Bones Swiss Bearings

Excellent High-end bearings without the high-end cost.
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